L’Oreal Age Perfect

I have been experimenting lately with a variety of anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products.  My favourite so far was the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10.   But it
seems a little pricey, so I thought I would like to
try another Serum – because maybe serums are the
magic solution for my wrinkly eye area.

My drugstore price was about $55 for the Vichy.
I found L’Oreal Age Perfect Serum at the drugstore
for about $19.  Way more reasonable.

The L’Oreal Age Perfect comes in a dropper bottle, but I seem to get more or a blob than a tiny drop or two from the dropper.  The product smelled nice, but I’m not sure I need any smell to my face creams.  The product had a little bit more of a creamy texture than the Vichy serum, but it did go on nicely and disappear.  I do feel a tiny bit of a sting after I apply the product, but no irritation or redness.  All in all, I like the L’Oreal product, I do have some wrinkle reduction, and I like the price.  But if the Vichy product were the same price, I’d choose that instead.  So if I’m really worth it, I should spend the money on the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10.

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