On Line Shopping

  • This Christmas season, I have become an expert online shopper.  While most of my purchases have been carried out in the traditional stores, I have become adept at finding unique and custom items online.  I believe that this is a trend for women in our age group.  I may be slow to adapt, but when I get going, I know that I make good and informed decisions.  Maybe this is the truth about our generations of women.  We may take longer to adapt to technology, because we spend time thoughtfully evaluating the best tools to use, and cautiously shop for the best quality items that we can find.  My bet is that while we may be slow to start, we will become the masters (or mistresses?) of on-line shopping.

While I am a major believer in the success of Amazon, (and hold Amazon in my investment portfolio), this year I have bought on-line from a number of different sources.  From Walmart, I have purchased household supplies and pantry staples, to ship to my two kids who live in other parts of the country.  It’s hard for college students to buy a good supply of heavy groceries like peanut butter and rice, and carry them home on the bus.  I also find that groceries are more expensively priced close to my kids universities.  So ordering staples (not fresh groceries) from Walmart and snagging the free shipping with the right order size, makes sense.  I also ordered mattresses and bedframes at the beginning of the school year, but found my kids were sleeping on the floor waiting for the beds to arrive.

From Wayfair, I bought my daughter a new bedframe and had it delivered quickly and with no delivery cost.  Ikea in her area, was delivering with their own service, and required a significant delivery fee,  which did not work for me.

Today Wayfair delivered (again included my new farmhouse kitchen stools, a gift for me!

From Zazzle, I ordered coffee mugs and Tshirts for my son’s sport of choice.  Delivery was extra, but fast and the gifts were unique.  Finally, I ordered custom motivational posters from Vistaprint for all my kids.  These were again unique and fast.

I love sites that tell me how soon I will get an item, before I go through the trouble of placing the order, and I love the links to order tracking.

Please let me know what shopping sites work for you, and which ones don’t.

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