A Senior Moment

Thank you readers for visiting and liking!  In getting started, I reviewed a few cosmetics rolling around in my makeup drawer, and I will continue to do so.  Cosmetics will hopefully be just one aspect of this blog, as I hope to branch out in to fashion, lifestyle, travel and a few neo-senior issues.  I am a boomer, an (almost) empty-nester, and my interests include, art, writing, reading, travel, gardening, home improvement, downsizing, and yes keeping up with younger women.  The focus of my cosmetic and fashion posts will be definitely more towards “anti-aging” products, even though the word anti-aging has now become politically incorrect.  We are all of us getting older, and while age is just a number, none of us want to look good for our age, we want to look better than younger women!

In searching for appropriate keywords to attract women of a certain age, I found lots of advertising for senior dating, people wanting to look at senior women being provocative, and some other stuff related to the above.  I won’t be going there!  It’s just not my genre.  Trying another approach I searched for interesting blogs for seniors and found very informative writing about osteoporosis, and dowager’s humps.  (I will definitely be reading those by the way)  It’s just not my current mindset, which is enjoying life and being the best I can be at any age.  I’m always hopeful.

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