A Senior Moment

Blogging Niche

Thank you readers for visiting and liking!  In getting started, I reviewed a few cosmetics rolling around in my makeup drawer, and some anti-aging products. I felt compelled to have a niche and so I thought it would be about aging issues. I have tucked away those posts for now – and I may get back to them someday. I think perhaps that I have found my voice in blogging – and it seems to be just about living from a neo-senior point of view. Doing things that is!

I am a boomer, an (sometimes) empty-nester, and my interests include, art, writing, reading, travel, gardening, home improvement, downsizing, and family. 

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Senior Blogging Keywords

In searching for appropriate keywords to attract women of a certain age, I found lots of advertising for senior dating, people wanting to look at senior women being provocative, and some other stuff related to the above.  I won’t be going there!  It’s just not my genre.  Trying another approach I searched for interesting blogs for seniors and found very informative writing about osteoporosis, and dowager’s humps.  (I will definitely be reading those by the way)  It’s just not my current mindset, which is enjoying life and being the best I can be at any age.  I’m always hopeful.

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While I’m thinking about blogging, it’s time to take a road-trip, make a big dinner or two, rant about politics, fix up my house and enjoy our family. Take care!

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