Are You a Clean Sleeper?

I am a relatively clean sleeper, and not just because Gwyneth Paltrow told me to.  Clean sleeping is a popular new term, from Gwyneth’s book Clean Beauty.  According to the clean sleeping philosophy, our overall wellbeing depends on getting a good and healthy night’s sleep.  This is not revolutionary.  We know that we function better and feel better when we sleep well.  As we get older, our sleep cycle shifts; we tend to sleep earlier, and wake earlier.  We may begin to get up several times during the night not to mention being awakened by hot flashes.

We can improve our sleep by spending some time outdoors during the day to get some sunshine.  We can eliminate caffeine in the afternoon, and reduce our sugar intake.  It has been well publicized recently, that we should turn off our screens (TV, phone, games, tablets) at least an hour before bed, keep our rooms dark and slightly cool.  I have long done all of these things and sleep well, except when I am experiencing anxiety over an upcoming event.  When this happens, I find it helpful to read a very boring book!

At the moment, I am searching for the best wrinkle preventing pillow, and I am told that copper will do the trick, but I will let you know.

Sometimes we need a snack in  order to settle down for the evening, but my plan is to try not to eat anything heavy in the evening.  We can always go with the classic warm milk, which does work!  The calcium in milk helps us produce melatonin, so yogurt might also help.  Bananas relax our muscles with potassium and magnesium, along with tryptophan which helps us sleep.  Tart cherries and oats provide melatonin, as well.  So I’m thinking a little yogurt with some frozen cherries, sliced bananas and a sprinkling of oatmeal granola should do the trick.

Sleep tight.

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