Wardrobe Purge

After a recent bout of real estate frenzy in our area, we have decided to sell our house and move further from the city.  We hope to benefit from the price differential of less expensive real estate in a small town, and to free up some of our capital from the house while still enjoying a house and garden, and hopefully meet some new friends.  I can’t say we want to downsize yet, just price-size.

I am motivated now not just to de-clutter my house but to purge my closet.  So today, I removed one half of my wardrobe, and I have no regrets (yet).  I eliminated anything that doesn’t fit, has a hole, stain or tear, anything that is not flattering, anything I have been given as a gift but never worn, anything bedazzled (there were a few things), as well as all acid washed denim, relaxed fit jeans, yoga pants and leggings (these also work under the unflattering category) and any plastic hangers.

I feel much lighter and more relaxed already.

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