Deep Wrinkle Repair

For a while now I have been awakening with bed-face. Bed-face is when deep wrinkles appear on your face in the morning where your face has been crunched into a pillow. The decreasing elasticity in our skin, and the overnight pressure on our skin brings out these deep wrinkles. While it may be possible to moisturize and add serums to repair the skin surface, the skin itself needs to bounce back. I have tried a few Gel products, with some mixed results, but today, I tried Biotherm Aquasource Gel. I spread it lightly over my cheekbones, not fully into the undereye area, and bravo – I look 10 years younger in one day. Awesome. Miraculous. Amazing. The product had a crisp/zippy aroma, which I liked, but I would recommend trying out a sample first, as I suspect it may irritate some, and I haven’t tested it for a prolonged period, but I will let you know. In my neighbourhood, it’s $52Cdn, so not a steal, but again – we’re worth it.

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