Online Fashion Fail

In my ongoing quest to find the ultimate mom jeans of my dreams, I ordered from Reitmans online. This is a site that I like, because they feature reasonably priced clothes that fit a variety of shapes.  My particular size issue is finding a longer inseam in pants – and they are able to do that.  The mom jeans of my dreams would be long enough, high waisted and flat front, and maybe even some light tummy control, with a curvy or relaxed shape to the rest.  Ultimately, it would be nice to have very little stretch.  In the jean world, it seems like plain no-stretch denim has gone by the wayside.  I can certainly find high waisted, curvy jeans in stretchy, skinny or jegging style jeans, but seriously, this stretchiness does not suit all of us – moi included.

I ordered

The Tall Insider Dark Wash Straight Leg Jeans

currently on sale for $35.94

These jeans are  93% cotton, 6% elasterell-p, and 1% elastane Lycra, so stretchier than I would like – but still a good weighted denim look.   With a zip front as described, I expected them to have belt-loops and a firm close.  On my initial wear, they felt nice, looked like tidy basic jeans with 5 pockets.  However, these jeans have a stretchy waist, NO beltloops and are zip free.   In fact, they remind me of my old maternity jeans.   If I wanted stretchy maternity jeans, I should have just ordered maternity jeans.  After a day’s wear, they regularly slide down below my wast and I have the feeling that they will fall down at any moment.

So while these jeans would be great stretchy pants for my thanksgiving dinner, and they initially looked good – they are definitely a fashion fail for me.

That said, I will definitely order again from Reitman’s as I was able to easily return at my local store and they have lots of other nice things to select.  I am learning from this shopping experiment to pay more attention to description details for clues as to how things will really fit.

All of the above is just my opinion and my own experience.  Hope this helps you with your online shopping experiences.


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