Five Clothing Items I Can’t Live Without for Spring

Here in Ontario it’s spring. I may be retired, but I am busy every day, inside and outside of the house. In retirement, we may not need to dress in office attire, but looking fresh and at our best everyday helps us to feel better about ourselves, and helps others around us to treat us respectfully.

For me, clothes should be easy – that is easy care – washable, ready to wear, light for warmer weather, but suitable for layering. Every day, I am walking, gardening, busy around the house, or driving to the grocery store, or some new adventure.

You may or may not have read my other recent posts. They are not an attempt to sell anything at this point in time, they are just about my success with buying clothes online. My five must-haves are:

Comfortable high waisted jeans – and no, I still haven’t found the perfect pair. Jeans should fit suitably. I’m tall, but I love retailers that support multiple body types. They need to stay up properly when I’m heads down in the garden so my neighbours do not have an unpleasant view – SERIOUSLY! And finally, I would love less stretch and more traditional denim. The stretch may help the jeans fit everyone well, but stretchy jeans seem less sturdy in the knee for crawling around the garden or with the grandkids. They also seem to stretch out around the curves instead of pulling them in a bit. I don’t know about you, but I could use some tucking in. Are we too old for blue jeans? No way. We are the blue jeans generation. But we do deserve blue jeans that fit us well.

Comfortable cotton runners – yes every year I buy a few. They are inexpensive, fresh, light on my feet, and great for around town and the yard. We need to keep moving and look fresh on the go.

Lightweight Spring Jackets – and yes that’s plural. I am out and about alot, so no need to wear the same old jacket every day if a good deal can be found. I|’ll take a lightweight short trench coat, a hooded rain jacket for chilly days, and a faux leather jacket in a pretty colour. I’ve been shopping Walmart and Cleo online for these.

Tunic or casual shirts – I’ve been shopping Zulily and Reitman’s online for these with mixed results. I’m loving shirts that are crisp but no-iron, a little fitting in the back to emphasize my positive curves, and a little room in the front to de-emphasize the rest – but not too loose to avoid the maternity look.

A Shirtwaist Dress – There’s nothing like the coverage of a shirtwaist, but in a light cool fabric – with a belt to define the waist. I featured an H&M find in a previous post.

Happy Spring.

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