Triclosan and Osteoporosis

A few years ago when my kids were small, the world was going crazy about hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial products. I remember at the time having to argue with teachers and coaches that my daughter who was sensitive to most soap products wasn’t to use it at all. It was a hard sell. Triclosan is a chemical which is frequently used in these products as well as toothpaste and soap.

A study in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism has linked Triclosan to Osteoporosis. The study linked the higher levels of Triclosan in Urine of over 1800 adult American women with lower bone mass density and higher rates of Osteoporosis. According to the study “We found urinary TCS concentration was negatively associated with BMD and was positively associated with the prevalence of osteoporosis. The evidence was stronger in postmenopausal women than in premenopausal women. Future prospective studies are needed to validate the findings.”:

As a postmenopausal woman I find this to be alarming, and will try to follow further stories on this. According to ” As of 2015, Colgate Total, Janina Diamond Whitening Toothpaste and Reach Antibacterial Toothpaste contain triclosan. Breeze mouthwash is another dental product that contains the antibacterial agent ” Lets all check our labels!

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