I am not expert on spiritualism, but I am curious about the concept of Karma.  Karma involves the concept of an action or deed causing a cycle of cause and effect.  What goes around comes around….

I have been working on positive thinking, doing the right thing, and trying to teach my young adult children to do the right thing.  Why then, do bad things happen? It seems hopeless and discouraging to think that working hard and doing good things just keeps on generating bad karma.

We tend to think of karma as meaning if we do the right things, good things will happen.  So if bad things happen, then we must have done something bad.  Apparently karma isn’t just an individual thing.  Life is difficult.  So if something bad happens to you, but great things are happening to other people, then you can still react by saying or doing something positive.  Putting some more happiness into the cosmic, karmic melting pot.

One thought on “Karma

  1. Out of those painful encounters life does tend to throw at us, are many Lessons for us to grow. And yes, it is all in the attitude as well that assists us to see the truth about the Life Lessons that are given to us.

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