Blogging Advice Please!

Hello readers! I am looking for a little bit of advice please about how to structure my blog/blogs. I have been enjoying posting on Just A Number about things that are of interest to me in regards to lifestyle, early retirement, aging and so on. I am a little bit all over the place.

I created the Superfoods Project because I was interested in Superfoods from a research point of view and thought it was off-topic, so I spun it off to a separate site. I am not in love with this project so to speak on it’s own – so I am thinking of putting it back in to Just a Number somehow.

Finally, my husband said to me, you eat sleep and dream about gardening, so why not just do what comes naturally and write about that separately. This is how Garden Food Love came to be.

At the moment I am just blogging for the heck of it and have not gotten involved in advertising/affiliates and that kind of thing – but that might be of interest in the future. So I am looking for your opinion as to what would be the best way to structure my writing? Is it a faux pas to have more than one blog on the go? Is it just darn goofy?

Thank you to all, and I do enjoy reading all of your blogs!

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