Just a quotation today from the awesome Phyllis Diller. I saved these a long time ago, but I thought they were relevant for parents of young adult children…..

 “I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford. Then I want to move in with them.”

I’m working on that!

and…. “Poverty is hereditary – you get it from your children”

They’re working on that!

3 thoughts on “Quotation

  1. That’s a brilliant quote. I was a bit thoughtful on that very subject yesterday as I sat in the car. How poverty or riches are thought to be hereditary. How some break away in either direction, but that there is the clicky. I mean how sets of haves or have nots are clicky in their circle. I was looking up at the buildings and wondered how the people afforded them, how those walking past lived in their shoes. It was all very philosophical malarkey, this thinking behind the wheel, while waiting to drive off in my ol’ banger of a car into the throng of teenagers driving new vehicles.

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