My Six Favorite Basic Cosmetic Items

I spent a lot of time this summer on a lovely lake where facilities were minimal, in the great outdoors. In this social sphere, the few ladies that I met seemed to not be fond of cosmetic products, and so a great deal of makeup for me (never my thing anyway) would have been out of place. But at 60, there is no reason any of us can’t put our best face forward, even in the forest of life. So here are my 6 items that I would keep with me on a desert island (or in this case a northern island), for a minimalist but much improved look.

Marcelle Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads – these are gental, quickly remove any old mascara and anything else without pulling at or irritating my skin. These are awesome when the mirrors and lighting are minimal, so I don’t miss anything!

Maybelline Dream BB Fresh – pomegranate extract 8 in 1 Beauty Balm – for me in 100 Light Sheer Tint. – This moisturizes lightly, smooths things out (and boy do I need that), blurs everything a little, minimizes my age spots and many other imperfections, – and I never break out.

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Automatic Pencil – in 220 Sharp Brown – Not in black or grey – the brown, or even brown-black if you can find it is just a little less harsh in the great outdoors – I just use on the outside upper lids, with just a little upward swipe to make sure I don’t make my droopy eyelids droopier. These are the skinniest pencils that my shaky hands can use – so the most manageable for me- in a soft gel that doesn’t pull at my eyelids.

Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Pallette – in 255 Soft Brown – No I’m not going for the new filled in brow look, it’s too strong a look for me. I still have pretty full arched brows, but they are thinner at the top and grey through the middle – This brush on powder fills in and enhances the middle of my brows without looking done.

Covergirl Waterproof Mascara Lash Blast Volume – in 835 – Black Brown – Gotta Have a basic mascara which is easy to apply – but not to harsh – so in Brown Black – and Waterproof so it doesn’t smudge on the boat.

Colorsensational Lipstick – Maybelline – in 235 Warm Me Up – This colour stays on for several hours, but is not to bright on me – like in the title – it just Warms Me Up a bit.

I hope you enjoy my basic island cosmetic picks! Maybe I’m not an all natural outdoorsy girl, but these basic inexpensive cosmetics help my put my best face on for the great outdoors.

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