Coffee Date

I had a coffee date today with my youngest. He is approximately 40 years younger than me, and is taking the same Business program at the same University that I attended 40 years ago.

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Sometimes I feel that it was just the other day that I was at this school. The neighbourhood looks the same, but there are many more buildings (and students) than when I attended and I imagined that the courses had really changed, and now there is only one person that I know that attends the school.

My son spoke proudly about the 3rd year Marketing course that he was in and the project that he and his group had just completed. The professor had described his new and innovative project in which the student groups each selected a local business and spent the semester evaluating the business and then presenting their results and recommendations. They had worked with a local restaurant.

At first I thought what a good idea that this was. It is. – Then the FOG slowly started to lift! I remembered my 3rd year Marketing course where my group selected a local business (in our case a small sporting goods shop), then we spent the semester carrying out research, evaluating the business and then presenting our results and recommendations.

We both laughed and enjoyed the moment of finding something in common. My son looked forward to telling his professor and classmates about my project from 40 years ago, and I enjoyed remembering and feeling like it wasn’t really that long ago!

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