High Tech Low Tech Christmas Shopping

Three Christmas Shopping “Stories”

Amazon Prime Smile

I was Christmas shopping today, and when I came out of the mall, I could not find my car with the thousands of cars surrounding it. I recently reset my keyfob, so that when I pressed lock, no beeping occurs so that I don’t wake my neighbours when I come home. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t find my car in a busy parking lot. This is a good reason to stay home and shop online.

My husband didn’t know that I had set up Amazon Prime with onestep ordering. He accidentally ordered some Christmas presents for me this morning, and he was very concerned about whether he actually ordered the items, and whether I would see the confirmation.

Shopping Amazon Prime

This year, most of my shopping has been online, with only a few trips to the mall. Twenty years ago this weekend, my youngest son was born. I had not been up to Christmas Shopping up to that point. With the adrenaline/hormones still rushing from a very easy delivery, and a night away from the house of toddlers at the hospital, I purchased WAY TOO MUCH from the Sears Catalog using the hospital land line. Sears was able to deliver all of my items ordered Dec 20th after midnight by December 23rd. This year, while I am amazed at the number of things that can be delivered to my doorstep within a few days, I step back in time and think about the Sears Catalog and hospital bedside phones that have disappeared. I am currently waiting for the FEDEX man!

Goldendoodle enjoying a wrapping paper tube

Finally, my favourite part of Christmas is the inside tubes from wrapping paper rolls. Paper tube swordfights are awesome, and the dog likes them too.

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