Two Christmas Eves Past….

Hello, Just wanted to wish all of you who celebrate Christmas a happy and relaxing Christmas Eve. When I think back to Christmas Eve’s past I think about the time when:

I was up late wrapping and assembling children’s toys one year, when our 100 pound Bouvier decided that our Christmas tree was just like the ones from the yard. He relieved himself all over the tree and all of the wrapped Christmas gifts. There have been many years when food gifts have been opened up and/or chewed on by family dogs, but this was the most memorable.

Have you ever forgotten to take the giblets in plastic wrap out of the turkey? I have. Had a turkey that never thaws, or a recipe that fails? All of us have. Sometimes difficulties make for the best family memories.

One year there was a big power failure in our area during the Christmas holidays due to a snow event. Normally people seem to be too busy to connect in those few days just before Christmas, but in the days leading up to Christmas, and Christmas Eve, we saw more entire families in the shopping plazas and fast food restaurants than at any time of year. This is because there was heat in those few places! The stores were lined up as usual, but hanging out in the store really turned into a warm family social event that year. When the power would suddenly dim or go out for a few minutes, the lights and cash desks would turn out, and there were peals of laughter instead of anger. We stopped and chatted with emergency workers and power technicians working in the cold up and down our country roads, trying their best to get the power on for Christmas morning.

Sometimes the best Christmas memories happen when things go wrong. Wishing you and your families joy and happiness, or at least peace and warmth!

11 thoughts on “Two Christmas Eves Past….

  1. I just found this delightful post. I didn’t have the doggie event you described, but I did have the dog chase the cat and bring the tree down. I’ve forgotten to take the little paper bag of giblets from a roasting chicken, so I can relate to that, too. Everyone lived to tell both tales (though I had to get a tetanus shot after getting in the middle of the dog/cat thing). The less we are bent on perfection, it seems, the more carefree and thus happier the Christmases are.

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