Seeing Clearly

After buying from Clearly, and posting this, I decided to become an affiliate for – so I am adding the links today!

Commandes des verres de contact de 99$+ chez Clearly

It’s amazing to me how the world is changing with technology. Does that make me sound old? “Back in the old days when the snow was deep, we had to walk to the doctor’s office” – that’s how our children think I sound…..

While many people look better or more sophisticated wearing glasses or more sophisticated, I look dowdy! I have worn contact lenses since I was a teenager. As I got older, I switched to daily disposables. They are a personal luxury that I do not feel guilty about. They cost a little bit more, but my eyes feel less dry, I don’t worry about losing lenses as much, I don’t have to clean my lenses, and most importantly, I never have any leftover deposits on my lenses that won’t clean off – so my eyes are healthier. I wear Daily Aquacomfort Plus Lenses.

When my eyes are healthier, they are clearer, and I have less bags under my eyes! There’s an anti-aging tip right there.

A bit about Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). No matter what my political commentary is, I cannot deny that having a government health plan is awesome. Yes, we pay more taxes here in Canada, but we don’t typically hear stories about families facing financial ruin because of not having health coverage. So while I don’t like government managing too many things, healthcare should be a basic human right.

Glasses from $9

“Routine eye examinations provided by either an optometrist or physician, for patients aged 20 to 64, are not covered by OHIP. These individuals are responsible for payment for these examinations or have the cost covered by private insurance” There are some additional coverages available for people with certain health problems (like diabetes) which affect eye health, and receiving some sorts of social programs. And contact lenses are definitely not covered.

So that said, I have been wearing disposable contact lenses in the same prescription for about 10 years, and contact lenses for more than 35 years. I am mildly near-sighted. Every 2 years my optician has required me to get a checkup to get a new prescription before allowing me to order more contact lenses. It always happens around this time of year when I am busy getting ready for Christmas and don’t feel like waiting around the optician’s office or spending $69-120 on an appointment.

The optician disagreed with me saying it wasn’t possible to get more contact lenses without a new prescription in Canada. But today I ordered the same daily disposables that I always get online from Clearly Contacts. I guess the workaround here is that I am using my old prescription, and Clearly Contacts isn’t asking for a physical copy or any info about the date of the prescription. That’s a little hole in our healthcare system,

The other day I posted about seeing a doctor online. I was able to contact a doctor online, describe my mother’s symptoms and obtain an antibiotic prescription. Now it’s my contact lenses!

When I first signed up Clearly Contacts offered me 10% off or free shipping. I waited a few days and they offered me a new code, which was 15% off plus free shipping. Now that makes a difference. Sometimes leaving things in your online shopping cart for a few days can be a bonus. It seems like every day there is a new offer, so if you can wait – keep an eye on the offers.

I realized that I didn’t have as many lenses on hand as I thought, so I did a quick order – and paid for FEDEX shipping as an upgrade – thinking 1-2 business days, and with the holidays, they’d come right after New Years. But AFTER I placed my order – the estimated delivery came up as January 7th – That was a little bit disappointing. I think that estimated delivery should always come up before you hit the button. But THEN, I got a notice from FEDEX with an estimated delivery of January 2. Now that’s better.

Going back to the FAQs –

“How long does it take my contact lenses to ship?

Your wait time depends on your lens type. Some products — including toric/astigmatism, RGP, and multifocal lenses are custom orders through the manufacturer. Production times are listed on product pages under the heading “Availability.”

Once your contact lenses are in stock, they should be shipped within 1–2 business days and will arrive within the time estimate provided by your chosen shipping method.”

Ground shipping through Canada Post takes 1–2 business days for delivery.”

Subtotal$121.00Discount applied-$18.16 – (Note that I normally pay $65 times 2 boxes through Walmart.) ShippingFREEHandling & Insurance$9.62Estimated Total$112.46

The above is what I would have paid if I hadn’t wanted the lenses at the fastest possible and paid for FEDEX ($12.95). Clearly Contacts has been available for a while, but I had not ordered from them as the price with shipping added on was more than with the Walmart Optician. With the discount code and the free shipping offered – it’s a better deal and well worth it. I see clearly that the world is changing.

Clearly Contacts is available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I was not an affiliate of this company, when I first posted this, but now I am! At the time, I just was excited to try something new and share it. I am loving the ability to buy my contact lenses and glasses online and will continue to do so.

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