Small Pleasures

From my upstairs bedroom window today, I could see white snowballs on the river below. Although my husband was again ice-fishing today 2 1/2 hours east of here, the little river below was unfrozen, still and like a mirror.

I went for a short walk, and enjoyed this view of the swans, geese and ducks relaxing on a winter’s day. The snowballs I had seen from above, were the swans.

Swans in January – centre swan is spreading wings
The swans look like snowballs or small icebergs on the river
Swans, geese and ducks on the river

5 thoughts on “Small Pleasures

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for the comment! My view from the windows is a little further back but much the same. I had walked down the hill to get a better picture. I need to invest in a camera with a bit of a zoom!

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