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I had been thinking that every time a holiday or birthday comes near I am always searching for some sort of appropriate or unique gift for my family. Valentine’s day is coming up soon. I have not always been prepared or organized when it comes to cards and gifts, but lately I’ve been quite on the mark.

Valentine’s Day shelf at the Dollar Store

For my away from home University children, I’m baking some Valentines Day Cookies and sending them in a courier package. I was looking everywhere for a heart shaped cookie cutter, and do you think I could find one at the dollar store? There are lots of wrapping ideas there though! I bought some heart shaped cookie cutters from Amazon.

Wilton Cookie Cutter Set from

I posted the Vegan Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipe at

Vegan Valentine’s Day Cookies

Now I know Valentine’s Day is all about roses, wine and chocolates, but the roses only last so long, and then I feel guilty when I throw them out. (Don’t even remind me about the chocolate and wine remorse) – I’d love a living plant – it could be something floral and pink – like miniature pink roses, cyclamen or even tulips in a pot. These ones were only 99 cents each at my local grocery store.

Two pots of 99 cent tulips

Lately I’m into dwarf citrus trees, indoor herb gardening and indoor seed starting.For my husband, I know he will be wishing he was ice fishing, so I wouldn’t dream of choosing equipment for him, but he can always use new ice fishing gloves (they get holes, and the dog eats them), or something warm. If he is going out, I will pack him some treats, and there will be a Valentine’s Day heart shaped chocolate cake at home.

My lemon tree in bloom

If your valentine is into sampling beer, perhaps you might want to gift him (I say him, but in our house, I am the beer aficionado) with a beer making kit. I got one for Christmas, and I am enjoying it – it had everything I needed to make 2 gallons of beer. I posted a bit about my beer making adventures, and will finish up with a final post when first batch is finished in about 2 weeks!

Mr. Beer beer making kit from Amazon

If my husband should be looking, he knows I love anything retro, but functional – and since it’s Valentines Day – my love for all things pink makes this Retro telephone a cool gift.

Wild & Wolf 746 Phone Dusty Pink
Retro Dusty Pink Telephone by Wild & Wolf from

Last Valentine’s Day he brought me home a lovely cake stand from the local antique market, and another one for my birthday.

My favorite vintage cake stands

Vintage pieces are wonderful gifts that show he put a lot of thought into his shopping. If your Valentine enjoys baking, vintage or new cake stands and platters are lovely gifts.

Now Design Cake Stand Tin Aqua
Now Design Aqua Tin Cake Stand from

I definitely don’t want a vacuum (that’s supposed to be a bit of humour) or some sort of small appliance for Valentine’s Day – a card, something pretty, or maybe an event that would be fun that count! Whatever you may be shopping for, it’s good to have a plan before Valentine’s Day arrives!

I think Valentine’s Day is over the top, and anything that you receive or buy for Valentine’s Day should be because you were inspired and thinking of your Valentine – not because you felt stressed or pressured to buy something. It’s the thought that counts and Valentine’s Day is everyday. In a pinch though – flowers and chocolates always work.

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