Winter Bird Feeder

Just a short post today, to share some pictures. I received a lovely yellow bird-feeder as a gift. Our small family room has two bay windows. In the winter one of the windows has nothing to look at but a fence and patio and BBQ. The other has a lovely view of the river. I think that if you put in large windows you should have something to look at – so we put the bird-feeder outside with the hopes of attracting this guy.

Cardinal is always visible from the other window!
Cardinal is always just out of reach.
After months we finally had this fellow visit
Finally this squirrel found it. I hope he enjoys it!

7 thoughts on “Winter Bird Feeder

  1. Oh, I luv the birdfeeder. I do hope it attracts the Cardinal..
    In Australia the Northern Cardinal’s habitat is further north of where I live… Shame! He is a gorgeous creature.
    Hahahah… We also don’t have squirrels in Oz. What a fabulous image. 🙂

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