Avoiding Crowds on a Warm Winter Day

Cheerful Winter Day

We had quite a bit of snow this week, and suddenly it’s 10 degrees C and sunny outside. More Coronavirus cases had been found in Ontario (We are up to 29) – and we are being advised that people aged 60 and above should stay away from crowds, and socially distance themselves. I would personally rather hear that when people arrive at the airports from places where there is Coronavirus, they get screened either before they board the plane or as soon as they get off.

Here is the current advisory from Pearson Airport near Toronto – “Travellers from Hubei, China or Iran who do not show signs or symptoms of illness upon entry into Canada will be required to provide contact information and will receive a handout advising them to limit contact with others for 14 days, and contact their public health authority within 24 hours of arriving in Canada. These travellers will also receive a surgical mask with instructions on use, should they begin to experience symptoms while travelling.” At this stage in the outbreak we are hearing that there was one (and now 2) travellers with symptoms on planes arriving at Pearson Airport (who were later diagnosed), who managed to take public transit after getting off the planes. 24 Hours before reporting to Public Health is not OK. Telling people who have not travelled to stay home, when our authorities are not able to properly screen people is not reassuring.

Screening of passengers before they board, or at least before they board public transit would be appreciated

“There has been a notable transmission of COVID-19 at events, such as religious gatherings,” according to British Columbia’s health minister and officer. “As a result, we recommend social distancing and forgoing usual greetings. As an alternative, we recommend considering virtual online gatherings.” My husband and I had been planning to travel west, but are delaying the decision for a few days.

Across Canada sporting events are gradually being cancelled, for example – The Arctic Winter Games (to have occurred in the Yukon), the Women’s Hockey World Championships (to have been held in Nova Scotia), and Speedskating Canada has changed it’s final events from International to National athletes only, who have not been travelling to affected areas. These cancellations are sad for the athletes affected, but they are completely prudent.

I have advised all of my University attending children, to make sure they are up to date on their studies (everything handed in, all books and study materials at home), in case their school year is suddenly ended, and classes or exams are cancelled.

I ventured to the grocery store to buy a few things and found aggressive shoppers my age loading up on paper towels and toilet paper. If there is a Coronavirus appocalypse, how much toilet paper do we need? While I did not stock up, I wore my winter gloves in the supermarket on a warm day……

Trying to be more cheerful and positive, we headed out for a hike with the dog around a local lake.

While the scenery was serene, there were so many other hikers and dogs outside, we opted to head back home.

There were so many people outside, that it was almost as crowded as at the grocery store, except for all of the dogs. We headed home for a major cooking and baking session. If we are going to be hibernating, we may as well eat well.

This hawk knew how to avoid the crowds
The hawk from our window

We settled down inside for the evening and were entertained by a local Hawk and Cardinal.

The Cardinal finally returned as it got dark outside

11 thoughts on “Avoiding Crowds on a Warm Winter Day

    1. I had to laugh when I read your comment about the toilet paper. I work in retail and all weekend the TP was flying off the shelves and I thought, gee it must be on sale! It was not on sale and I kept hearing confused customers talking about the same thing, some even went to grab some just because 😀 I should go get some before it’s all gone lol

  1. I had a beautiful walk yesterday that restored my sanity. This is a great time of year to be outside when the weather allows. Meanwhile, we hope and pray that this madness ends soon.

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