Hope by the Numbers

Each day we are confronted by growing numbers of Coronavirus patients and deaths. We see these numbers growing province by province and state by state across North America and of course the world. We have passed 2000 COVID-19 cases in Canada, – with the earliest and highest concentration of cases being reported in Ontario and British Columbia, and a suddenly higher concentration of cases in Quebec.

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In Canada, the first positive identification of COVID-19 was a man who arrived from Wuhan January 22 in Toronto Ontario. He was not tested until Jan 23 as his symptoms worsened. He was fully recovered by February 20th.

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British Columbia has been particularly hard hit by Coronavirus. The first case there was confirmed January 29th. This case was fully recovered https://bc.ctvnews.ca/1st-case-of-covid-19-in-b-c-has-fully-recovered-health-officials-say-1.4818485 on February 19th.

Using the finger count method – it looks like 29 and 21 days from diagnosis to recovery.

What I found VERY hopeful was that yesterday although 472 people in BC had tested positive for Coronavirus and 13 have died – Officials said 100 people in B.C. have recovered and have been cleared to stop isolating. That’s wonderful. I’m a bit confused about this number, because my Yahoo Canada newsfeed tell me that only 6 people in BC have recovered, but I’m hopeful that this is a status that will be updated soon.

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Other good news….. Two plane-loads of passengers from Wuhan China repatriated to Canada were isolated in an airforce base in Trenton Ontario – each group for 14 days. The first group of passengers was released February 21, and the second group was released February 25th.

A group of 129 passengers brought home from the Diamond Princess Cruise ship were quarantined in Cornwall Ontario and released. Another group of passengers from the Grand Princess were quarantined at Trenton and released – some passengers who have tested positive for COVID-19 remain in quarantine.

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Italy – which began it’s lockdown on March 12th, has now experienced in 2 days of declines in the daily COVID-19 death rate http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/world/battered-italy-sees-rays-of-hope-in-grim-death-data/article/569202 “The Mediterranean country has seen the number of daily fatalities come down from a world record 793 on Saturday to 651 on Sunday and 601 on Monday. The number of new officially registered infections fell from 6,557 on Saturday to 4,789 on Monday.” These are terrible numbers, but the deceleration gives me hope.

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We have been home now for a length of time where we watch bad news and bad numbers every day. We wait daily for our leaders to give us the news, hoping for positive news but hearing ever increasingly bad news. The release of healthy people from quarantine, the recovery of COVID-19 patients, and the deceleration in death rates in other parts of the world give me some hope and I’d love to hear more of the same!

Please follow the advice of our governments and health care professionals to stay safe at home if you can, and lets hope that this results in seeing more positive numbers in the near future. God Bless!

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  1. As long as China claims they have no new infections and even allow Wuhan to be reopened i think we are in deep shit. We must quarantine China forever! 😕

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