Easter Sunday Southern Ontario Urban Wildlife

We are all doing our best to stay at home and physically distance. It seems like other than the increase in people engaging in dog walking and strolling by our home, we are seeing more urban wildlife. This is just a quick posting of a few pictures of the creatures in my neighbourhood this Easter Weekend.

We had Turkey for dinner today for our Easter Sunday meal. But earlier in the day this Turkey was running down the sidewalk in front of our local McDonald’s. It’s hard to social distance when a Turkey keeps running down the sidewalk just ahead of us. Then he crossed the road to congregate with his gang at McDonald’s.

While relaxing on my front porch a Canada Goose swooped in over a Cardinal, clearly too close!

The Cardinal wasn’t respecting the bird statue’s personal space.

On this industrial area walkway, a groundhog was trying to make some sort of point about this empty – but narrow pathway. Maybe he was trying to knock the sign down and tell us to stay home.

Happy Easter Sunday and stay well!

5 thoughts on “Easter Sunday Southern Ontario Urban Wildlife

  1. Lovely! I have a special place in my heart for Ontaria. Alot of my family live in Ontaria. I visited for 7 months and lived in Missauga. I absolutely fell in love with Canada. Omg Tim Hortons! Canada was the beginning of my love affair with coffee! Hubs and I have been planning to visit our family as we have lots there. This has set our plans back a bit but in the future we will defo be visiting.

    Short backstory…. I was sent to Canada because hubs and I were 18 and very much in love. He was from a different religion and his parents were pushing for me to convert and for us to get married.
    My family decided that I needed to go experience life and decide if I still wanted to be with him. We were not allowed contact. Zero contact. This was before email became a thing or cellphones were common place. Letters were intercepted.

    I returned after 7 months of really living and having the time of my life and decided to still be with him.
    This was not met with glee.

    We continued to fight to be together. I did not want to convert and he didn’t want me to. We didn’t want to get married yet.
    Eventually 2 years later we moved to another city. And eventually our families came to accept us and love us and we got married.
    Proud to say 24 years later we are still together!!!!

      1. Can’t wait to visit!! Want hubs to experience the amazing country I experienced. I have a special place in my heart for canucks!

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