How’s Your Online Shopping Going?

Those of us who are not frontline workers are doing our best to stay at home and to stay out of the stores, except for when we need to acquire essential items.

I am currently blessed with a houseful of six adults. My husband and I, and 4 of our adult children – home from University. We are also shopping for my 91 year old mother, who lives in her own house but has her own caregivers. As 3 of our children have returned from separate households, located elesewhere in Canada, we are keeping everyone home, and doing only window visits and deliveries for my mother for now.

It’s pretty much impossible to get groceries delivered – our local supermarkets have only scheduled pickups – but their timeslots only go for 8 days and are all booked. So we are working with what we have. I wanted to share what we have been successful with in acquiring “stuff”. These sources work for us here in Ontario Canada area – but perhaps they can be of help – or if you can make any suggestions – please comment!

In Ontario, most stores other than groceries, pharmacies and liquor have now been declared non-essential, and are therefore open for curbside pickup only.

I am a big fan of Amazon, but I am finding many grocery items out of stock on, so haven’t been able to put together a substantial order there. We did order some board games though! We have had a few game nights with old and new games.

Remembering my Christmas Amazon purchases

We are only sending one person to the supermarket if we have to – once a week or less. Initially we found that toilet paper, paper towels, cleansers, spaghetti, rice and flour were out of stock in stores and online. Now some of these things are coming back in stock but things like cake and muffin mixes are out of stock. Everybody is baking!

For my mother, we have been placing orders for single serve meals and roasts from M&M Meat Shops– a prepared frozen food store – which allows us to place orders and schedule pickups. This means that her caregivers spend less time cooking her meals for now and have less contact with her food.

For baking supplies, cleaning and personal care products we have been ordering from – which ships across Canada and the US – they are limiting some orders and quantities but doing their best!

I just ordered my contact lens refill order from ( in the USA) as I always do.

For my mom’s personal care items and Boost – meal replacement I ordered online from

My hair could use a visit to the hairdresser, so that’s not happening. I ordered some hair colour from – I ordered 2 boxes because I could see the colour choices were getting out of stock – everyone is colouring their own hair now!! Another fellow in our house needs a haircut- the dog. Groomers are deemed non-essential but we can order grooming tools online for curbside pickup or delivery from Petsmart or Global Petfoods. We are trying to work up the courage to start this project. So far he has had a “bangs” trim.

Max needing a haircut but getting a hug instead

Our home improvement stores are only available for pickup and online sales. I have ordered a toilet online for shipment (glamourous, I know!) and topsoil for pickup. Home improvement and gardening keep me occupied while staying home! I can only order white paint though – so I have custom tinted some paint in my basement workshop by mixing a few varieties. (Don’t tell my husband – he’ll be happy when he sees it on the wall tomorrow! What happens in the workshop stays in the workshop)

My paint recipes are on a need to know basis

We are keeping the kids from the Starbucks drive-through, and so need to have the coffee ready at home all day. So of course the coffeemaker broke this week and we got a new one with an online order and pickup at our local Bestbuy. Imagine two slightly old people driving around town in the morning trying to place an online order on a phone – for a coffee maker without their reading glasses. We got one though and coffee was ready before any of the kids woke up to notice!

I had previously ordered some unique fruit trees from a specialty nursery not far from us. They are shipping the items now, instead of having me pick up my trees. (I can’t decide whether I’m more excited about the Pawpaw tree or the toilet sadly). Some of the larger nurseries in our area are doing online orders and curbside pickups too.

My Mr. Beer home brew

As for wine and beer, despite the fact that Ontario is still considering our Liquor Stores to be essential services, I have no plans of lining up for or shopping in close confines for wine and beer. I am happy to have brewed my own beer, but when I am out, I shop at small local breweries and wineries that pick my orders for me. Cheers, as always and stay healthy at home. Please let me know if you have a unique way to acquire supplies while physically distancing.

Never enough wine

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7 thoughts on “How’s Your Online Shopping Going?

  1. Not had to resort to any online shopping yet, just a weekly trip to supermarket and bakery, but then there’s only two of us, and no pets.

  2. God bless you with a house full!!!! You need groceries much more than I do!!! The curbside pickup is a great idea, but after six days of trying to get the last one through, I changed the option to delivery and got most of the grocery items on the list. However, I shop for a 96-year-old relative, and finding the things that she prefers is becoming increasingly difficult. It’s all an exercise in patience, making do with what we have, and gratitude for those who are working in these at-risk conditions. I have ordered a few things from Amazon, with good reliability. With the lawnmower broke, our regular repair folks picked it up and hopefully will deliver it repaired.

  3. In South Africa we are still on a hard lockdown which means buying only essential items 😭😭😭😭 I have bought some clothing items but they can only be delivered after lockdown. Trying to buy food online has become ridiculous. The delivery wait time is almost 2 weeks! So no online shopping to entertain me. A good thing because I’m not spending crazy amounts of money shopping because I’m bored. Bad because I can’t shop when I’m bored!! Pray for me!

    1. I hope it’s less boring for you now – we are able to buy from essential stores, and order things from online stores. It’s a little bit easier to get the basics (food and paper goods) now, as there seems to be some restocking and less hoarding. We are hearing that it will be harder to get meat and processed foods soon because of a lack of farm workers, and processing plants being shut down due to outbreaks. I hope things get better in your area soon!

      1. I just wrote a post yesterday lamenting out situation. We have a high rate of poverty and with the economy faltering it’s getting worse. Winter is coming and things are going to get dire. Check out my post for a detailed breakdown of lockdown in South Africa 💖

  4. I think one of the big shopping lessons I’ve learned from Corona is to learn to live with less. That would be my biggest recommendation. Quality time with family is even more critical time now to me.

    1. That’s a very good point for all of us. We are also trying to substitute lots of things! We are enjoying our family time and hope you are too.

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