I Miss Sports

I never thought that I would say it, but I miss sports! No, I’m not talking about sports that I participate in (none), or sports that my family participates(d) in, I’m actually missing sports broadcasting.

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You see, I don’t really even care to watch or listen to sports. My husband and boys on the other hand enjoy watching and listening to baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, cycling, curling and football. I like that they enjoy these sports. I, on the other hand am a “fair weather fan”. I enjoy watching my local teams when they are successful or making a run for it. I enjoy looking at the scenery during the Grand Prix cycling event, and the flowers and grass during golf tournaments.

I personally take credit for the Toronto Raptors Championship last season. The whole thing had nothing to do with Kawhi Leonard, it was all me. During the Raptor’s playoff run, some of my family noticed that whenever I entered the room to watch, the Raptor’s fell behind in the game. When I left the room, they moved ahead. Towards the end of the Championship run, I spent the last few games out on the front porch sipping wine peacefully by myself in the dark. They won the whole deal, and they haven’t thanked me yet.

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Kawhi Leonard at Game 2 of the 2019 NBA Finals – Author

Aside from helping the Raptors, (the Maple Leafs can’t be helped) I enjoy reading a book, magazine or perusing the internet while the family enjoys viewing sports. I can pop in and pay attention whenever I like and then zone out again freely. Prior to Covid-19, I had been frustrated by the lack of quality content in those sports talk shows. Had you noticed that most shows seemed to involve sportscasters interviewing other sportscasters about what they thought about games or athletes? Other shows seem to focus on rolling through sports stories that are trending on Twitter. We can all read Twitter. Were there not athletes and coaches to interview?

Sportsnet (Tim & Sid Talk To Don Cherry) February 5, 2016 ...
Canadian Sports Broadcasting Personalities

I also am shocked at the lack of sports broadcasting being aired right now. We have been watching Curling reruns, Toronto Raptors reruns and reruns of the 1992/1993 Blue Jays World Series wins.

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Auston Matthews – Toronto Maple Leafs
– AuthorAzadeh Kashani

Around the world, there are thousands of athletes, coaches and sportscasters at home (hopefully), self isolating. We don’t know when they will all be starting or ending their seasons, but do you know what? Many of them are training at home and working on some aspect of their sport at home. Instead of watching reruns, do you think it would be possible to video-interview an athlete or coach or two about what they are doing to improve now or what are their hopes?

(Here is a link to an informative website about basketball – by the way: https://hoopershighlights.com/2020/05/01/top-10-basketball-prospects-in-the-class-of-2021/ )

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We also enjoy Olympic style sports and would love it if our television networks gave more coverage to these other sports in which Canada is participating. Skiing, biathlon, speedskating, luge are all awesome spectator sports. I know there is someone out there that could put together some clips of these sports and educate us about what’s involved, who are the personalities, how is our National Team ranked in the world, who are the up and comers and how do they train? What is this difference between Luge, Bobsleigh, and Skeleton anyway?

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The point is, without interesting sports broadcasting, our TV blares COVID-19 statistics and bad news all day long, and that’s just not uplifting. I recall a whole conspiracy theory that sports are created by the “elites” to keep us – the common people distracted from political issues and our circumstances. Well, OK – I am ready to be distracted now thank you.

Come to think of it, reality TV developed as a less expensive TV format to sitcoms and dramas. Is COVID-19 broadcasting all day long the least expensive formm of reality TV?

Moving back to sportscasting, I also miss radio sports broadcasting. We enjoy listening to the radio while in the car, on the boat while fishing, and my husband even enjoys listening to the radio to get to sleep at night. I had purchased SIRIUS radio for him to catch some of the sports programming he couldn’t get on the AM radio stations.

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Over the years I have gotten used to listening to a quiet broadcast of a baseball game while I sleep at night. I don’t have to listen too intently, and it distracts me from thinking about the days’ issues. I remember during the 1992 and 1993 baseball seasons listening to re-broadcasts of the Blue Jays World Series games and sleeping soundly. In the morning, I would wake up having subliminally absorbed statistics and details about every game and member of the team. Having minimal focus on the sport, I would wake up refreshed and an expert on all aspects of the game.

Yes, with radio broadcasting sportscasters have the same issues. Sportscasters inverviewing other sportscasters about what they think about the sport. There could definitely be some improvement in radio broadcasting – more facts and interviewing of athletes, coaches and managers.

Currently with the lack of sports broadcasting on at night, I can’t sleep because the radio hosts are reviewing pandemic issues, conspiracy theories, political maneuvers and world peace. My mind races and my anxiety increases. I cannot sleep!

Perhaps while sports broadcasters are self isolating, they are planning and coming up with some new sportscasting ideas. I hope they are staying safe, and I look forward to not listening and not watching some new sports programming as soon as it is safe.

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21 thoughts on “I Miss Sports

  1. “I am ready to be distracted now thank you.” Me too! I tried to switch from hard news to celebrity news this week, just for the distraction, but the stories went all the way back to the Academy Awards – there is just no fluffy news!

      1. I would love if you would link to my most recent post, top 10 basketball prospects in the class of 2021!

  2. Sports is a great diversion in our life from reality . I agree with you that the broadcast world could do more right now that offer constant sports reruns. The personalized presentation of the NFL Draft year was a step in the right direction. Did you see it?

  3. This is a good time to step up your workout. I know it’s not the same. But, you can spend time running or indoor workouts just like the athletes. It may reduce some stress.

    1. Thanks, we enjoyed the hockey, but our Leafs are out. Now we are transfixed by the Raptors, and enjoying the Blue Jays. hope you are once again able to enjoy more sports!

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