Pandemic – Back to Work Canada

We are still social-distancing and staying at home as much as possible. This week has seen a change in the mood in Southern Ontario. We had one warm and sunny day here, and suddenly things are roaring ahead.

Our oldest had returned to work after quarantining himself from the grocery store for 2 weeks after his travelling siblings returned to our household. He is now happy to be working in the garden centre, which is open for business. Ontario gardeners are raring to plant – particularly vegetables. Vegetables and seeds are running out of stock quickly. There are plexiglass dividers at the cash in the garden centre and limits to the number of customers in the store at a time, but some people still get too close. They are excited to plant!

Our youngest has started his business school internship, with an initial first day in the office, a second day working virtually, and then a sudden change to another day at the office, when things weren’t quite working technically. They are socially distancing at his office – yelling instructions from across the hall. Only 2 people are allowed to go to the office at the same time! We are thankful that businesses are going ahead and hiring some students. Some of our children’s student friends had their internships cancelled and had already committed to apartment rentals in new cities.

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Our daughter is working in British Columbia planting trees. She called yesterday to let us know that everyone is healthy and the camp is going well.

One of our boys is an athlete, waiting for gyms and arenas to open, to get back together with his training team. In the meantime, he is cycling, running, roller-blading and entertaining our neighbours with his outdoor workout. He generally works to support himself in a sporting facility or in a restaurant, but I think we are a long way off from opening these places.

I am excited that my husband and unemployed/athlete son have been able to access our boat and go fishing. Vacation resorts are not yet open, but hotels are. Does this make sense?

I do not feel that we are over the edge of the curve yet and ready to go back to the way things were, but I am very encouraged that it is possible to go to the store in Ontario now. I have not been to a grocery or any other store for at least a month, as we had designated my husband to be our shopper. I was excited to visit Lowes (home improvement) and even Michael’s (arts and crafts) today. I was discouraged though that many people are overenthusiastic as well and just don’t understand how far six feet is. It is NOT less than arms length! When I give way to people, they just come closer. The point of only allowing a few people in the store at a time is to that we all have more space.

My son that works at the garden centre also has the same issue. Even though the lines are clearly drawn for distancing, some people just want to be close. I had some fun making him a social distancing T-shirt on Zazzle, but I’m not sure that he’ll be allowed to wear it at work! I put the image on the back too! I am going to stay home for the rest of the week and weekend, because we just can’t take the risk with people getting so close! Perhaps someone should invent a hoola hoop type of thing to wear that has a radius of six feet!

In the meantime, I am happy that everyone is out of the house at the same time for the first time in a month, so that I can play in my garden and renovate the bathroom.

I am hoping that wherever you are you are able to stay healthy, but get out a little bit more!

4 thoughts on “Pandemic – Back to Work Canada

  1. I saw a pool noodle hat idea somewhere – you would wear a pool noodle on your head to keep people away! 😂

    Here in Manitoba we are heading towards a “phase two” of re-opening. I was happy today to be permitted to go to a friend’s house to help with cleaning. Her child has medical needs and none of us could help her before because of COVID – no freezer meals, no babysitting…what was she to do? I really feel for people like her at this time.

    I would say my biggest concern about re-opening is the schools. I believe that having my kids in school and/or childcare has been the greatest source of all kinds of illnesses in our household. This is unsubstantiated, but I am convinced that my whole family had COVID back in February, before we really knew what it was!

    1. We look at the provincial numbers every day, and I am excited for Manitoba – you had several days of no new cases – so it makes me hopeful for all of us, and it seems to me you are ready for stage 2.
      I agree with you about the schools – the kids always get sick in September don’t they? Even my university kids get sick when they start a new school! Enjoy your Stage 2 freedom. It will be interesting to see if we ever get antibody testing if we have had it already.

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