Ontario Wild Birds

We are on vacation in near-Northern Ontario, and so just a few wildlife pictures to share today:

Before we left we visited the garden centre. At first sight, there is nothing too exciting to see……

Ontario Garden Centre in June – about to close down

A little closer in, a mother duck sits on her eggs among the perennials.

A mother duck sitting on her eggs in a garden centre – amongst sage and siberian iris

I’m not sure where mother duck’s husband is but I’m sure she’d rather be on a lake in Northern Ontario than in a parking lot garden centre.

I thought these two birds were loons today
Until they took off with a lot of quacking

We were happy to see the bald eagle again this year over Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing Bald Eagle
A closer look at the Bald Eagle
The Bald Eagle in flight

While this year’s pictures of the Eagle weren’t any closer – at least my husband has a steady hand with the camera – in contrast to last year’s shaky photos by me!


We are grateful that most of Ontario, Canada is now in Stage 2 of pandemic reopening and we are able to travel within Ontario.  I am hoping that wherever you are you are able to experience some safe outdoor adventures even if it’s “for the birds”.

Enjoy June!

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