Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in Canada it’s Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am feeling a little lazy today about posting, and so I am re-posting some turkey pictures from last year.

This turkey keeps crossing the road in my neighbourhood. There are many of them around, but this one doesn’t seem to be nervous of cars. We are busy in our home getting our own turkey and fixings ready for our smaller pandemic meal this year. Two of our adult children are home, but will not be bringing their girlfriends over as we are restricting our dinner to those in our own household as recommended by our local health authorities. We are thankful that we are all well and able to enjoy the day.

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey crossing the road
Wild turkey heading across the road to McDonald’s
Wild turkey jogging in the suburbs

Have a lovely day!

15 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. Thank you. I try to find something that will help people get a giggle at the end of a hard week. Sometimes it flops, but this one got me. I laughed out loud when I read it and had to share. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. They are always welcome. Best, Dave

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  1. Thanks Bernice. Turkeys are so silly. There’s one that keeps jumping out into the road at a traffic circle near me – but I can’t stop to take a picture.


    1. Thank you Angela. It will be small for us this year, but we are looking forward to our celebration. Hopefully November will bring good news for American Thanksgiving. Maybe we will have turkey again then! Blessings to you as well.


    1. Turkeys are so fun to watch. There is one near us that tends to pop out at a busy traffic circle. He always escapes but he’s to fast to catch on camera! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

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      1. We raised turkeys quite a few years ago now, but I found them so funny. They’d gobble, no doubt thinking I was bringing food, every time they’d catch sight of me. I’d have “conversations” with them. It was hilarious.

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