Autumn Wreath

Yesterday, my husband did lots of preparation for our annual Thanksgiving dinner, while I got the dishes, table and house Thanksgiving ready. We had the smallest gathering ever for us as in Ontario we are to reduce our gatherings to our households only due to our recent “second wave”, but we enjoyed some video visits from our other children.

Note: I have just been advised that some people are allergic to Virginia Creeper. Please read the following: “Rare but real threat of severe allergic reaction to Virginia Creeper, known from personal experience. Required several wks of medical care & steroids. If you have not handled this vine before, be careful.

I realized that my front door needed a fall wreath of some sort, and I noticed that the Virginia Creeper climbing on my fence had turned red. Virginia Creeper is a quickly spreading vine in our area, which can be considered an invasive species – but which can cover a fence in one season. You just have to keep it under control!

Virginia Creeper on my fence

I had no plans to visit a store during our pandemic surge, but I am a bit of a hoarder of seasonal decorations from years gone by though, so I went down to my stash and pulled out an undecorated rattan wreath, some dollar store leaves and two fall wired garlands. I tucked the leaves in here and there, wrapped the garlands around the wreath, and then went outside and cut 4 long strands of Virginia Creeper down and brought them inside.

Rattan wreath and leaves
Virginia creeper and garlands
Virginia Creeper and garlands

Then I wrapped the Virginia Creeper around the wreath. It seemed a bit over the top and overly leafy at first.

The Wreath at first attempt

I tied down the Virginia Creeper with even more strands of Creeper, and pressed the leaves down a bit more. There were no adhesives or nails used in this wreath. I can’t say that I am ready to be a floral designer, but I enjoyed using something from my garden to create a quick Autumn Wreath, without having to visit the store during these trying times!

The finished wreath for now!

Enjoy the fall – but just remember – some people may be severely allergic to Virginia Creeper – fortunately we are not – I also have some lovely red and green ivy on my fence that would be a nice substitute. Thank you to Mississauga Master Gardeners for the advice!

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