It seems like my eyelashes are getting thinner, and I find that my mascara is irritating.  I have switched from black to brownish/black shades to avoid the Tammy Faye black eyes look. (You’d have to be of a certain vintage to remember Tammy Faye’s eyelashes).  Being the conservative sort, I had always worn Maybelline Great Lash, in Waterproof black, but I find the little fibre strands are bothering me and the clumps are standing out.  I am trying Covergirl natureluxe in Water Resistant.  I am pleased with it, it is not clumpy or irritating.  I do find though that I seem to have more getting onto my face when I am applying the product or blinking.  So I am just being really careful and keeping some eye wipes nearby to clean up as I apply.  It’s an OK solution so far, but please comment if you can recommend something better!

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