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Welcome to Everyday Lillie! My name is Lillie, and I’m the creator behind this blog. I’m a proud Canadian who loves to explore the world, cook up a storm, and tackle DIY projects.

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Everyday Lillie is my platform to share my passion for family, cooking, travel, and DIY projects, and to inspire others to embrace these aspects of life. As a wife and mom of many young adults and a Canadian, I’m passionate about exploring the unique experiences and issues that come with family life, retirement and living in Canada.

My content is always authentic, relatable, and honest. I believe in sharing my struggles and successes to help others on their own journey. From easy-to-follow recipes to easy DIY projects, my goal is to provide you with inspiration and ideas that you can use in your everyday life.

My family shares a passion for preparing and enjoying food together. Our recipes range from my husband’s authentic and classic meals, our chef daughter’s beautifully plated vegan preparations, to preserves, and home made pasta – all fit to please a large family.

We are also an avid travelers. My husband and I just like to get in the car and go! I believe that travel is an essential aspect of life, and I’m dedicated to sharing my experiences and tips to help you plan your own adventures.

Thank you for visiting Everyday Lillie! I’m honored to have you here, and I hope that my content inspires you to embrace family, cooking, travel, and DIY projects in your own life. Join me on this journey of discovering joy in the everyday moments.