My First Black Friday

In recent years, Canadians have been embracing the Black Friday frenzy, a phenomenon that was once exclusively American. My first encounter with this shopping extravaganza was during a trip to the United States for a hockey tournament over the American Thanksgiving Weekend – talk about a cultural shock!

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TD Ballpark Dunedin Blue Jays spring training warmup

Blue Jays Spring Training Tour

We took a last minute trip to Florida to watch some Toronto Blue Jays spring training games and had a wonderful time with very little advance planning!

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Ice harvest

Ontario’s Ice Harvest History

Our mysterious island barn is a legacy of Ontario’s historic Ice Harvest industry.

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the lineup to pickup passengers at Kitchener Airport

Canadian Flights

A story about our flights from Ontario to Calgary and back on Flair Airlines, and some thoughts about Westjet and customer service. (and an update!)

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Easter Weekend – Easter Eggs & The World’s Biggest Easter Egg

Do you know where the World’s Largest Easter Egg is? This post is a silly look at some giant roadside attraction style eggs, a few Easter egg facts, and some egg quotes. It is frivolous and light hearted, and a shameless outreach to my children who are far away and at home.

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Kananaskis Country

Calgary to Kananaskis Road Trip

We took a drive from Calgary to Kananaskis and back, during our visit to Calgary. It’s an easy drive in the summer if you want to see beautiful scenery and wildlife. This post is about the drive, the distance and what we saw along the way.

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Big Muddy Valley Saskatchewan

Southern Saskatchewan Road Trip

We decided to see a different part of our Prairie Provinces – Big Muddy Valley Saskatchewan in Southern Saskatchewan!

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Saskatchewan Canada Day Sign

Canadian Road Trip-Winnipeg to Ontario

This post is about our drive from Winnipeg Manitoba eastward along the TransCanada Highway through Northwestern Ontario and home to Southern Ontario. This was a 2 day drive for us. Maps, distance, times and scenery included.

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Canadian Drive Day6 Rocky Mountain House to Winnipeg

This post is about our road trip across Canada – this time from Rocky Mountain House Alberta to Winnipeg Manitoba. Maps, distances and scenery included. This was day 6 of our drive from Ontario to British Columbia along the TransCanada Highway – and then back again on a slightly different route.

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Elk in Jasper Alberta

Canadian Road Trip – Day 5 – Kamloops to Rocky Mountain House

Our Canadian Road Trip continues – Kamloops through Jasper to Rocky Mountain House. All about the drive, distances and views.

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Canadian Road Trip Day 4 – Calgary to Kamloops British Columbia

All about our Canadian Road Trip – this post is about the drive from Calgary to Kamloops – with distances, times and wildlife sitings.

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Canadian Road Trip Day 3 – Regina to Calgary

We continued on Day 3 of our Canadian Road Trip – west from Ontario to Calgary Alberta and then back again along the TransCanada Highway. The drive was long but not difficult in the summertime.

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