Painting a deck

Painting the Cottage Deck

Stepping onto a wooden deck overlooking a tranquil lake can be one of the most calming experiences. The water’s gentle ripples, the chirping birds, and the scent of fresh air all combine to provide a serene getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But as picturesque as it might seem, the wear and tear from nature’s elements can take a toll on such decks, making a fresh coat of paint or stain not only aesthetic but often essential.

We painted our extra large cottage deck – a DIY story.

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Max the doodle in wet paint

Painting the Cottage Wooden Floor

Our summer cottage had an old wooden floor painted forest green which I did not love. We gave it a coat or two of neutralizing paint for a quick makeover.

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window frame near doors in new house

Painting old Radiators

Painting radiators in our 130 year old house wasn’t difficult, just time consuming and a little messy. What paint to use and how to apply.

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