Ontario Wildlife

This past week, we once again visited the Nipissing area of Ontario, and while I read and watched my husband enjoy his fishing, we were able to see some wildlife. Pardon the photo quality – they were taken while in the car, or bouncing over the waves in the boat!

Moose in the Distance

I’ve never seen a moose before in the wild, and this one was pretty far away across a field. He blends in to the background a little bit – so he’s hard to make out – but I have enlarged him as best as I can. It would be nice to see his antlers in the picture, but no such luck.

Bald Eagle on a rocky island

This Bald Eagle sat nicely on his rock until we got close enough and it was time to get a better picture – I fumbled the picture as we got close, so this is the best I could do.

Watch Rooster

This pet rooster was not wild at all, but he chased my husband around a parking lot.

Garbage Dump Black Bear

At closing time at the local dump, a large black bear brushed against our truck door, walking under the driver’s side window, and then proceeded to chow down on garbage right in front of us without a care in the world. You can see that he’s not underfed. Keep the windows and doors shut!

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