Retirement Renovation

My husband and I retired, became (sort-of) empty nesters, and downsized our home last year. |I can’t say that we downsized too too much, but we certainly took the opportunity to purge prior to our move. That’s not to say that we don’t need to keep at it. We still have the stuff of all of our young adult children, along with our own.

When we decided to sell, we wanted to move to an in town location, where we could get to know the neighbours a little bit, walk to a coffee shop and other amenities. We didn’t however need to be close to any big cities for work, so we were able to take advantage of property values by moving to a new city. The key for us was to be near transportation hubs for our kids to visit us, (Airport, train and highway), and to commute to their summer jobs. We think we did a good job of that, but we’d sure like them to visit more!

So being retired, we needed some purpose. Some hobbies. A project or two. As you know, the blogging is coming along, I’ve been gardening a lot, and my husband has a new fishing boat, so we’ve been visiting the great outdoors. Winter is coming though, so we have turned our attention to the great indoors. Our century home.

We chose a home that we could improve a little bit at a time (that is HOPEFULLY no big expensive projects!), doing things mostly within our abilities. AND our abilities are not extensive, but we are always willing to learn. OH, and the main thing – I wanted a really old home that was pretty.

We have started on one of the upstairs bedrooms. We first had a roofer visit and try to caulk around our chimney, which may be leaking – creating a nasty sticky brownish stain on the inside wall. Let’s hope this problem is solved – but I have the feeling this may be an ongoing problem – perhaps a new chimney?

The old wallpaper with the mysterious brown chimney wall stain.

Then we peeled the 1990s wallpaper. It was actually nice, but it was torn, and stained, so it had to go. We tried scraping with special wallpaper remover spray, and a wallpaper scraping tool, but the best tools we could use were our own hands, a metal spatula and warm water in a spray bottle. And days and days. It was a messy job, but it’s done. There was a lot of hole filling. Then we painted a light blue grey – which looks like baby blue. So we will give it another coat. Then we tore up the 1990s brown rug. Underneath there was 1/4 inch of plywood with nails everywhere. I thought there might be old pine flooring underneath – my husband thought it must be something that needed replacing.

Original Pine Floor covered by plywood under carpet

After another 2 full days of pulling up nails and eventually the plywood, we were happy to find a full – ready to refinish pine floor. I am so excited to refinish it. That will have to wait another day. Tomorrow we will take the plywood to the landfill and get ready for refinishing. My husband is so sore from removing all of those nails!

10 thoughts on “Retirement Renovation

  1. Well first congratulations on both of your retirements. I retired August first and I am doing the same thing…lol I started outside and have one big project left before it gets too cold. Then it is inside the house. Good luck on all your projects.

    1. We started remodeling hubby’s mobile home
      he lives in, we started after we got the place
      paid off, & saved up enough to renew it all.

      After we get his place finished then we’ll
      start on some other things that need redone
      but with the prices we have to be careful.

      1. We just did things one step at a time, but we were pretty conservative with what we did – we didn’t want to knock down walls or anything beyond our means – but we kept ourselves busy. Prices of things are crazy these days – you are right about that!

      2. We didn’t take any walls down & do
        what we can in a days time as well.

        We tackle 1 project at a time that
        we do a lot of research on B-4 we
        start it so we have everything in
        order so there’s no hold ups or
        foul ups in the middle of it.

        Yea prices are crazy & still going
        through the roof everyday & from
        the looks of it it’s going up more
        so what ever people do to remodel
        their place it’s going to cost a fortune.

  2. We’ve been empty nesters for 2 years now, semi retired… Meaning I don’t work anymore and my husband works for himself and can virtually control how much work he does each day…. We are still in the same house but we were toying with the idea of moving but haven’t had any specific plan yet. It is lovely reading about your life. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Morag. It’s a different time of life for us, and sometimes it’s challenging to keep busy. Being with our children during part of this pandemic has been unexpected, but kept us a little busier.

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