Sunday Craft and Bake Sale

Today we took a drive to a baking and craft sale near us. I love craft and baking sales, but I’m not a fan of crowds and line-ups. Even more surprising, was that my husband came along – he generally won’t deal with crowds at all. My oldest son was the driver behind us attending this event, as he is a lover of all baked goods. Each of our young adult children has their own special interests. The big guy is a connoisseur of all things baked.

Crowds at craft and baking sale

It certainly was crowded, but I felt they did a good job of alternating food vendors with craft vendors.

Vendors selling tarts at baking and craft sale

We did buy some tarts, but I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to focus on the craft vendors with the crowds. There were some pet bandanas – well made, with reflective paw prints. I liked them, but in my puppy’s size they were $30. It was a bit pricey given that he would be eating his bandana in a week or two. There were some lovely signs, hand painted glasses, wooden pens and leather bags. They were all of interest, but I wasn’t in a decision making frame of mind with the crowds pushing at me.

Baked Tarts from Craft Sale – Top left moving clockwise – Raisin Buttertart, Bacon Buttertart, Custard Tart, Maple Bacon Buttertart

Our son purchased Maple Bacon tarts, and a single bacon tart from another vendor. He enjoyed the plain bacon tart and said the crust was great and the flavour was interesting. I don’t think that’s a rave review? My husband purchased custard tarts which had a lovely filling, but a very chewy pastry. I’m wondering if they were just some sort of phyllo that was over processed. I purchased some raisin butter tarts. I know that there are some people that believe butter tarts should be raisin-free, and others that insist on raisins. I am adamantly in the raisin camp – my tarts were wonderful, had a nice crispy pastry – but were too big to eat without a fork and plate – and they needed more raisins…..

On the way home we stopped at a flea market looking for some armoires for our closet-poor home. I came away with a 13 inch diameter yellowware mixing bowl. I have been desperately looking for armoires- but that’s how it goes, when you are looking for antiques, you will always find something different from what you were seeking. I have always secretly wanted to collect yellowware bowls – manufactured in the United States from the 1820s through the 1930s. My mother had one and my husband’s mother had one in their kitchens, so I guess it makes us feel nostalgic. My husband was just as excited as I was to buy it. These bowls are practical for mixing, and now my husband has another collection to buy me gifts to add to.

13 inch yellowware mixing bowl

With all these tarts in my house now, there is no need for me to make anything in my new mixing bowl today though. Enjoy your Sunday!

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