Nuclear Power Alert Cancelled


I woke up this morning to an Amber Alert from the Province of Ontario that there had been an incident at the Pickering Nuclear Power Station. We have heard now that this will be cancelled, but nothing official yet.


We are located more than 1.5 hours away from this facility, but still this is a literal wakeup call to the Province of Ontario. We are still waiting for a cancellation but according to the local fire department, the alert was an accident.

This wakeup call reminds us that Ontario has one of the largest nuclear facilities in the world, on the shore of one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. We have learned from Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima that these facilities are not fail-safe. While our politicians promote these facilities as Green sources of energy, they just aren’t. Happy Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Nuclear Power Alert Cancelled

  1. Wow, how worrying! I can’t imagine the feelings of believing the alert was real!

    Phrases like “there’s no radioactive material leaking yet” and “applies to people within 10km” are not exactly re-assuring, haha!

      1. Yes. The message was apparently sent in error, and there was a new message cancelling the alert an hour & 3/4 later!

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