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Hello all. This blog is a learning project for me, and so today I am making a few little changes with what I have learned from reading everyone else’s blogs and from much appreciated blogging advice.

I started this project, not sure what to call it – so I started with “Just a Number” and some other random numbers assigned by WordPress on my free plan! I went to buy the domain for but it was sold apparently, so I had to think of something that still suited me.

As my name is Lillie, and I enjoy Daylilies, and I TRY (but don’t always) to post everyday, and my blog is about everyday things, I hope that you will like Everyday Lillie, as the domain is now

I hope that you will continue to visit and comment, and let me know what else you think I should do differently! I will try to change the headings and so on in the next few days, if possible.

So welcome to

9 thoughts on “Blog Name Change

  1. Now look what you started, I’m thinking of a daylily flower, shredded with nasturtium leaves in a salad wholemeal sandwich, with grated vegan cheese and salad cream. Roll on summer and I suppose I best get up and have some breakfast.

      1. Oops! I had to rush out and forgot breakfast. I drank coffee and ate later, which is something I really do NOT recommend. It’s so not good for the body, but sometimes needs must. Life doesn’t have a script, even if you keep a calendar on the wall or a diary on your desk. The wonder of life is in the changes of the seasons or those changes of plan that are either chosen or just happen. <- even changes of name to Lillie, as long as it's not Lilo Lill from the series Bread.

  2. I’ve been running a custom domain address for some years, rather than a free one, and have just bought another 2 years, but I recently realised that once I stop paying for it then my blog is likely to disappear. Wondering whether to revert to a free domain again. Don’t know the answer.

    1. I’m not sure of the answer to that one. You would think that there would be a way of backing it all up and taking it back to a free plan, but I guess you might lose followers, likes and features. That’s definitely something to think about though! Thanks for the comment!

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