Another Snow Day

It was another snow day yesterday, with cold temperatures and 20cm of snow to shovel here. We are fortunate compared to the east, especially Newfoundland where they are recovering from a blizzard, and the prairies and further west where they were experiencing extreme cold.

I have not so much to post today, but here are just a few pictures of winter!

Is it a glacier? No, just a 10 foot snow bank at my corner.
It was -6 degrees C here, but the river hasn’t frozen, and the geese, ducks and swans are staying for the winter. No ice fishing for my husband at home.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
My son in the west, sent me a picture of his frozen eyelashes, after a walk from the bus stop to his apartment. It was -30degrees with the windchill where he was yesterday!

Enjoy the winter and keep warm!

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