What will the future hold for us Social Distancers?

I pray that this COVID-19 outbreak will be resolved in the near future. We are doing our best to social distance. Today we walked the dog as usual, and waved from a distance at all of the new walkers that we hadn’t seen previously. Hello neighbours!

We visited my mother who is 91 and lives on her own. We stayed outside of her house and yelled at her through the window and let the dog play in her yard. She was perplexed but appreciated the visit.

Our son who works at the grocery store heard that plexiglass barriers were being added, that distancing measures were being implemented, that Price Checking was halted, and that he would receive a $2 per hour raise – Not exactly danger pay and not perfect, but a little better. Baby steps – a kind effort. He doesn’t really need to work now as he uses the money to pay for his travel to school and entertainment, but he feels that he would be letting his fellow workers down, and would be letting people who need food and supplies down, if he didn’t go to work. Many customers thanked him for working yesterday and complimented him, but there were still people taking too many items in the express line, arguing about pricing, handing him their reusable bags (now not allowed), trying to overbuy limited supply items (milk, cleaning supplies etc.) and refusing to leave the store after early closing. Oh, and there was no toilet paper at his giant sized store.

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Three of our adult children had seen friends before social-distancing started who became very ill. All three of these friends of our children have tested negative for Coronavirus! Yeah! They have now isolated in their own University houses for a week and we may see them soon then! Their leases will be up, Universities are closed and their places of employment have closed.

We have been cooking a lot – preserving, baking, starting to plan dinner as soon as we wake up! I can’t share my baking with anyone as we are isolating! Check out our Sauerkraut recipes here. I will be gaining weight!

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We have never been a fan of video games. We have found one of the kids’ old ones and are playing Techno-Bowl NFL. We have sore thumbs and may get repetitive strain injury. Don’t tell our kids what we have been up to……

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I have been obsessing over my seed starting projects – there is dirt everywhere. Instead of the house being cleaner, it is dirtier!

Seed starting projects

We are glad to have had our haircut before this whole thing happened, but my coloured hair is turning orange. Will we all have bad hair days soon?

Tom Hanks having a bad hair day

I was a little too proud of my husband for bringing home a package of toilet paper while his now weekly shopping run. Will we resemble Gollum soon?

Gollum with his “precious’ toilet paper in Seattle

Almost forgot – we have dishpan hands from the MOST handwashing and EVER!

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We are very lucky to be able to stay at home and fret about the world. Bless you and your families and good luck with your social isolation! Take care.

21 thoughts on “What will the future hold for us Social Distancers?

  1. Self isolation is relative. You have your own house. I for example live in a flat building and all our neighbors are f#cking a$$holes. So far i prefered to go out to a bar, shopping or meet friends in a park. Being ‘arrested’ in a place like mine is all but enjoyable. We sold our house a year ago because we were in financial trouble. Now we were close to recovery, but Corona may ruin it. We planned to buy a new small house next year, but if the economy goes down we will be stuck in a hellhole 24/7 for only god knows how long… πŸ˜•

    1. Mike I am so sorry. We have some worries as well, but I was just trying to make light of the little things to distract a bit. I am hopeful that this will not go on for too long as we just don’t know where the financial world, housing market and all that will go, let alone our health! Take care Mike!

  2. Maybe, just maybe, we can change the language a little and do more physical distancing but keep our social closeness. I think it is time we put our tech to good use and even revert to some of the old ways like using the telephone?

    1. Social closeness sounds like better language. I had few wonderful long telephone calls with old friends over the last few days!

  3. Ah, the joys of these shared experiences! Yesterday, at approximately 10 am, my husband asked what we were having for dinner. LOL. We find ways to measure the days. My house is clean enough for any white glove, but no family or company to entertain or appreciate it!

  4. Enjoyed your post! My hands are a wreck. I have bottles of moisturizer everywhere! Our Chief Medical Officer keeps saying β€œsocial connectedness, physical distancing.”

  5. Sounds like your son works at the same place I do lol! Our plexi-glass just went up yesterday and our “hazard pay” won’t start until April 1st. The shelves are still always empty and by the time I’m finished work, the customers have taken what little was left and us workers are left with nothing. People are yelling at us for limiting items, for not not having full shelves, for nearly everything. Everybody is beyond stressed and it’s only going to get worse. We’ll make it through though! And I have to admit that my hubby and I have also taken to the video games but since we don’t have these new high tech things, we turn to our old (original) super nintendo. Good old Mario lol
    Stay safe and well!!

    1. Sorry! Just realized that I got signed out when I commented. Been having issues lately. Just wanted to let you know it was me that commented πŸ™‚

    2. He tells us those types of stories every day. The plexiglass finally went up the other day. He is halfway through 14 days off because his brother just got home from the west – so he asked his employer what they wanted him to do. It’s a little bit of stress relief for him. Take care of yourself!

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