At Times Like These

Pulling together in times of difficulty.

It’s just about impossible to think about anything unrelated to the pandemic and what would have seemed unimaginable just a month ago has swiftly become an everyday reality with no end in sight. I want to say that “at times like these” we need to pull together and of course from a distance, but there has never been “times like these” at least in most people’s lifetime – and we still need to pull together.

A couple of adages I was taught in times of turmoil: “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem” and “true quality character emerges in times of difficulty”. These ideals are more easily said than done and can apply to family, business and everyday life – it’s all about being kind, courteous and respectful of one another. And like anyone I need to remind myself to exude these qualities from time to time – I can see my kids now rolling their eyes and uttering “Dad’s at it with his fortune cookies again”.

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For the most part, I have admired the leadership demonstrated throughout the world and found the North American run on toilet paper to be somewhat amusing – of all the things to horde to ensure survival! That’s the thing about stress, and we are all stressed, if we are not careful it can bring out the worst in all of us – repeat after me “if your not part of the…..”. Maybe that is why Canadian liquor and beer stores are seen as essential services and remain open, while local cannabis stores have just closed – just not an essential service yet?

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What has surprised me more than anything is how the political parties and media in the United States continue to tear the nation apart. What an opportunity to unite the country and fight a common enemy as the US has done throughout history, and yet CNN and Fox News continue to accuse and attach their political opposites with an ever-increasing ferociousness. CNN identifying Trump as the cause of everything bad in the world including the virus itself and FOX doing their ongoing rebuttal. Please get some real national news broadcasters.  I posted an article not too long ago about this called “Mixing Media and Politics”.

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There will be plenty of time to do a critical review of the worlds and our countries response to this pandemic with the result being a better preparedness for the next one.  I think Canada has done okay to-date but we too hugely underestimated the seriousness of Covid – 19. It was in January that BC’s Provincial Heath Officer (Bonnie Henry) suggested that Covid-19 could not be transmitted unless you were symptomatic and Peter Donnelly, President & CEO of Public Health Ontario advised that Ontario would not have a need for quarantine like China. Unlike the US media, I credit the Canadian media for not attacking these individuals and the authority they represent, allowing them to focus on the solution – even the experts will make mistakes, but we learn and move forward.

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My prayers to those that have lost loved ones and thank you to all those on the front line defending our way of life – including health care workers, grocery store employees, everyone involved in the food chain, police, the fire department….etc…etc…I apologise for the groups not noted.

On a lighter note, this is one of the few times we have all our university kids home and I am reminded to count all our blessings. One thing I have noticed is the pile of shoes in our front door area! And for certain the happiest guy in the world is Max our doodle. In addition to his runs in the yard he has welcomed the countless country rides and walks which is putting a premium on our doggy bags.

God Bless, be safe and please follow the social distancing advice of our leaders – there doing the best they can.

7 thoughts on “At Times Like These

    1. They sure are Lisa – good eyes! One of the boys loves to fish with his dad and is home now from school – he wears them alot! Thank you on the tiles – I had planned to do a post about them when we finished the bathroom but we are on hold because of our extra kids coming home! Hope you are feeling better from your flu!

  1. My daughter sent me a brilliant image of “Social Distancing Support Cat” with a person holding the lead of an angry cat, sitting next to him on a seat of it’s own, hissing at the next person to it. There’s a new job for our beloved angry kitties if ever I saw one. {{{giggles}}}

      1. Thank you, yes we’re staying well, so far so good and the hospital has now provided my partner (technical, but non medical worker) with face masks, so now the worst of my stress is lesser than it was, as you can imagine.

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