Masked Road Trip

We recently completed a road trip West to British Columbia and back east again to Ontario. We masked up everywhere we went, but at the time – early July 2020, not everyone that we saw was wearing masks. At that time, sometimes we looked out of place wearing our masks – but now, across Canada people are “masking up”. Just for fun, I thought I would post these silly mask pictures of roadside attractions.

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The Big Apple in Colborne Ontario is a favorite tourist photo op – and it was masked up recently as we passed by on our way to move our daughter’s furniture from Ottawa Ontario!

Masked Big Apple – Colborne Ontario

The picture below is hard to make out – we couldn’t stop on busy Highway 6 in Flamborough Ontario where a store for roadside attractions and sheds had masked up it’s display of roadside animals – horses, cows, moose and dinosaurs, etc.

Highway 6 Flamborough Ontario

They also took the trouble to mask their dinosaur! Sorry it’s even foggier! I think it’s a T Rex!

Masked Dinosaur – Flamborough Ontario

And someone took the trouble to make a cow or deer out of tree branches – and then they masked it!

Masked cow? Puslinch Ontario

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It’s fun to post these pictures of masked “roadside art”, but it will be more fun when we don’t need masks anymore.

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