3 Bathrooms Before and After

In our 130 year old house we’ve been working on lots of projects, We started with a two bathroom house with a small 2 piece downstairs and a large 4 piece upstairs. There was also a laundry room upstairs, which had been the original bathroom, prior to renovations which occurred who knows when…….

I have posted stories about each of these projects, but as we had little details (and some big ones!) still to finish, I didn’t post the after photos. We have finally wrapped up our repairs with some significant help from our plumber and carpenter. So here are the before and afters:

1. Downstairs Powder Room

This room had a ledgestone veneer wall, and a pipe that froze in the middle of one winter night. We ended up making a holes in the wall, and insulating the once frozen pipe.

The hole in the ledgestone wall

We took out the ledgestone wall, which I think was there because the sink was installed two inches out from the wall behind. Instead of fixing the plumbing, previous homeowners had covered the gap with a new wall. There was also an electrical plug which was surrounded in a thick wooden frame to cover up the fact that the box protruded an inch from the wall.

The built in cabinet and hardware before – and a hole in the wall to the left covered with tape of course
New penny tile, wood trim and plumbing

We thought at first of taking the back wall out – as there was a 10 inch gap behind which was another (wallpapered!) wall – in order to make some room for a shower. We decided instead to put a new shower in somewhere upstairs, and so just put down a penny tile floor, replaced the toilet and put the pedestal sink back into place (the right place this time). The light fixture had it’s glass shades replaced, the plug was fixed and a new thermostat was installed for the room’s electric heater. The built in cabinet was stained a darker wood tone, new hardware was installed, we filled the wall holes, painted and installed trim.

Stained cabinet and wall patching underway

The mirror was a craft project, and the wall paint was a mixture of off-white paint colours as the pandemic had all our home improvement and paint stores shut down for quite a bit!

We made many attempts to fix the plug

And just like that (well maybe a year and a half later….) the room was finished. This was a do it ourselves, repurposing type of project and we are happy with the results!

Pedestal sink back in place, new thermostat and plug, new glass shades on fixture

2. Large Upstairs Bathroom – Tub replacement

We had a large upstairs bathroom which looks like it had been updated in the 1990s. It had infloor heating that we couldn’t get to work, a good sized vanity, a large tiled shower and a jacuzzi tub.

Before – jacuzzi tub and a little more wall tile

Our issues with this bathroom were small – the shower door banged into the toilet, the tub did not drain properly and was yellowed, and the toilet’s drainage was questionable.

We wouldn’t have changed this bathroom, except that I thought that we could install a washer and dryer together with a tub in the space used by the existing tub. So we started removing the old tub, and we interviewed a bunch of plumbers about our new project. The answer from all of them was that the plumbing wouldn’t support a washing machine – so we just ordered the nicest clawfoot tub that we could find, replaced the ceramic tiles, and replaced the toilet with a smaller more efficient toilet.

During the height of the pandemic lockdown, getting a bathtub delivered was a big deal in our neighbourhood

Our selected plumber improved the drainage with new pipes, without disrupting the ceiling below. We asked two electricians to figure out the thermostat for the heated floor – and then found that there was a hidden on button behind a panel (after two years!).

After – New clawfoot tub, and a few other changes

3. Laundry Room to Bathroom

I had previously posted pictures of our laundry room and the progress in converting it to a bathroom with a small shower. I am most happy with this project, and it is now all finished. It is small, but perfectly functional and it is nice in our busy house to have a second shower.

Before – the laundry room had an old shower/tub drain pan underneath
Laundry room – before had vinyl floor, and roughed in plumbing fixtures
After – Small bathroom

It’s nice to have all of these rooms working, and the little projects out of the way, so I think it’s time for a vacation. Have a great last few days of summer!

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