Young moose

Ontario Wildlife Photos

We are away from home at our island cottage enjoying the summer. I still haven’t sorted out the internet here so the blog has been neglected!

We have been blessed to see these beautiful creatures while out and about. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

Duck on rocky island
Duck on rocky island
Ontario Wildlife - turtle crossing the road
Turtle crossing the road
Ontario wildlife - Swallowtail butterfly on orange hawkweed
Swallowtail butterfly on orange hawkweed
Ontario wildlife - black bear at local garbage dump
Happy garbage bear standing 10 feet from my husband
Ontario wildlife - two happy young moose
Two happy young moose

Happy summer!

12 thoughts on “Ontario Wildlife Photos

  1. That’s terrible that the correct garbage disposal system is not used and that remedial action isnt taken to help the bears. So sad. Great photos of those moose!

    1. The garbage dump is a small municipal disposal – which does separate the recycling and brush and large items – but the household waste and fisherman’s waste is required to be in clear bags. Not sure what happens to it next. My husband was standing chatting to the man next to him and didn’t realize the bear was on the other side of the car – not far away at all. There are a lot of bears in the area and they know to come out to the dump at night – but not usually during the day.

    1. The roadside moose were very relaxed while the bear was very busy eating cleaned fish remains. None of the animals were very concerned about us.

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