Christmas Shopping Then and Now

My annually updated story about the state of Christmas shopping

Things have changed with Christmas shopping – or have they? I used to avoid crowded shopping, then, suddenly we were prevented from shopping in stores, and then assorted shutdowns and the world got used to ordering things from afar.

This year, you would think people would be happily swarming the malls – but I have been finding them just a little less crowded than in years gone by. I have been masking up to protect my old self – and I am finding that there are more and more people (mostly us old folks) doing the same.


These days we have to be careful crossing the road because there are so many delivery drivers scurrying up and down the road. Here are three not so distant Christmas past shopping stories.

The Amazon box
Amazon Prime Smile

The Parking Lot

I was Christmas shopping one day, and when I came out of the mall, I could not find my car with the thousands of cars surrounding it. I had recently reset my keyfob, so that when I pressed lock, no beeping occurred – to avoid irritating my neighbours when I lock and unlock my car with that annoying honking. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t find my car in a busy parking lot. This is a good reason to stay home and shop online.

This year our daughter has stopped in to visit for a few days before she heads off to her latest adventure in another part of the world. She has assumed the duty of remembering where mom’s car is. I will be lost when she heads off again.

Best Buy Canada Logo
Best Buy Canada

Accidental Amazon Purchases

One year my husband didn’t know that I had set up Amazon Prime with onestep ordering. He accidentally ordered some Christmas presents for me one year, and he was very concerned about whether he actually ordered the items, and whether I would see the confirmation. I wonder whether this happens often! I’m sure Amazon doesn’t mind.

Now we both place Amazon orders – but we don’t know who should open the packages when they arrive – because they are all addressed to me.

Shopping Amazon Prime
Shopping Amazon Prime

These days, most of my shopping has been online, with only a few trips to specialty shops. I am still trying to stay out of crowded places. We are getting good at purchasing things online – and now not just from Amazon. So many retailers have been catching up and that’s a good thing.


Catalogue and Land Line Hospital Shopping

Twenty three years ago this weekend, our youngest son was born. Being an older mom, I had not been up to Christmas Shopping up to that point. I was more tired than in previous years of carrying around that baby weight! The baby was scheduled to have been born on January 1, 2000 – but the doctors suggested that we could get the stork delivery early. I was all in!

He was an express delivery. With the adrenaline/hormones still rushing from a very easy delivery, and a BONUS night away from the house of toddlers while staying at the hospital, I purchased WAY TOO MUCH from the Sears Catalogue using the hospital landline. Do you remember the days when we got to stay overnight at the hospital? Do you remember hospital landlines? What kind of mother brings a Sears Catalogue to the hospital anyway?

Sears was able to deliver all of my items ordered Dec 21st after midnight by December 23rd. We may think that we are so technologically advanced when we can get things delivered to our doorstep within a days – but we already did! AND PEOPLE ANSWERED THE PHONE BACK IN THE DAY!

I step back in time and think about the Sears and Eatons Catalogues and landline telephones that have disappeared. Also how did that baby get to be 6’4″?

120x60 logo
Shop Pier 1 Canada

By the way, I am currently waiting for the FEDEX man as usual!

Goldendoodle with wrapping paper tube
Goldendoodle enjoying a wrapping paper tube

This year we are missing the people who are no longer with us. I am sad as well that some of our kids will not be joining us for Christmas, but I am overjoyed that they are living out their lives, doing interesting things. Christmas is just a day isn’t it?

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s the one night of the year when we all act a little nicer, we smile a little easier, we cheer a little more. For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people that we always hoped we would be.


If you are blessed to have friends and family visiting or at home this year, enjoy them and make memories. If you are having a quiet Christmas, perhaps reach out and send a kind message of love and kindness. Even the grumpy, need love. If you have given or received a gift, please enjoy the experience of giving and receiving. Gifts are just meant to be a symbol of the gifts of the Three Wise Men to the baby Jesus. Gifts are not meant to bring stress, anxiety, envy or greed. They are meant to spread love and kindness.

My wish for everyone this year is peace and kindness and a little fun!

Finally, my favourite part of Christmas is the inside tubes from wrapping paper rolls. Paper tube swordfights are awesome, and the dog likes them too. Enjoy the season – but take care!

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping Then and Now

      1. For all the years that I remember having a Sears catalogue to order from, I don’t think that I ever did. I thought they were only used by people in small towns because they didn’t have an actual Sears store. Now I know that there were other reasons to order from them. Pre-Amazon gift ordering at its best.

      2. We had a small satellite store where you could do pickups and order – and they kept appliances and garden equipment on hand too. As a mom of five small kids at the time – it was better ordering and picking up than letting the kids all loose at the mall!

  1. A very happy Christmas to you – online shopping is the go these days for us because of Covid and because we retired to a small country town with limited gift buying opportunities. Xmas eve and we are still waiting for one parcel to arrive – hopefully there is a Saturday delivery! A hot Christmas for us in OZ — but we still persist with baked turkey, ham and all the Christmas trimmings meant for a cold climate…and after desert, we jump in the pool to cool down!

    1. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. That would be lovely – jumping in the pool after dinner. We enjoyed the snow (but not really). Happy 2023!

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