Ducks in blueberries

Duck, Duck, Goldendoodle

A few pictures of ducks in the blueberries and our doodle trying to protect his property.

Picking Lowbush Blueberries

Everyday I head outside for a half an hour or so to wander around and pick blueberries. I’ve noticed that they mature (turn blue)- a few at a time – so I pick a few each day until I get distracted. The daily yield is about 1 cup per day from July 1 until early August.

I found it odd though – that when we were away for one week and returned, there were no ripe blueberries. How could it be?

AND THEN ONE DAY – I looked out the window, and there was a family of ducks tearing away at the blueberries!

Ducks in blueberries
Ducks in blueberries

Ducks in the Blueberries

The ducks were as cute as a button (big goofy babies, quacking away), but seriously – they were eating MY blueberries?? I chased them away.

Ducks crossing the path
Ducks crossing the path

They waddled down toward the lake………

Ducks on the dock
Ducks on the dock

…….and down to the dock, and swam off.

A family of ducks
A family of ducks

A few minutes later, I looked out the back door, and one duck was eating away. I shooshed him away, and he waddled to the water but swam around to the front.

Doodle to the Rescue

Max, the goldendoodle pushed his way out the door and chased down to the water. He was nearly horizontal as he raced around the corner.

I got to the waterfront to find that Max had chased the duck out past a little island.

He stood on the island as the duck watched him, now unsure of what to do.

We called Max to come back – and the duck chased him! I think the ducks have won the battle of the blueberries. They must really enjoy them. I have enough blueberries to make jam now anyway.

Ducks, blueberries and a goldendoodle

I hope you enjoy the video! Have a great August!!

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3 thoughts on “Duck, Duck, Goldendoodle

  1. Yes I very much enjoyed your video. Your goldendoodle is very cute and so are the ducks. We used to have a Leonberger, Bronco, who loved to chase ducks and egrets in White Rock Lake. He had no egrets.

  2. The cows eat our saskatoons if they happen to be in the right pasture. They are definitely harder to chase away. I am surprised the ducks came back after the dog went out. Bernie

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