lush shiny green hosta leaves

Unleash a Symphony of Shades in Your Garden – Hosta Love!

I dream of a lush carpet of green, a mosaic of leaves in various shapes, textures, and patterns, all dancing to the whims of dappled sunlight under the pine trees. Hostas are the unsung heroes of the shade garden, bringing drama and elegance to forgotten corners.

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Blanket flower and iris

Blanket Flowers

Blanket Flowers have been the biggest surprise success in our Northern cottage garden this summer!

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close up shot of a daylily


Daylilies are cheerful, easy to grow, they prevent erosion and shade other garden plants – and the price is right!

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purple lupin flower field under blue sky

Growing Lupins

Starting lupins from seed to add to our Northern Ontario island garden. All about the island, starting lupin seeds, and growing lupins.

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