bouquet of flowers

Spring Happiness and Simple Things

Its amazing how sometimes the smallest things in life can bring happiness, and just when the weather is bleak and grey – hints of spring arrive.

Tomatoes, basil and peppers sprouting
Tomatoes, basil and peppers sprouting

I am so excited that my seeds have started to sprout. I was a bit late in getting them going this year – but my tomatoes, basil and pepper will do just fine.

I am excited to see the bulbs beginning to sprout all around the neighbourhood.

Tulips – Photo by Jou00e3o Jesus on

I remember when the kids enjoyed playing with the boxes after opening gifts, or when one of our kids always liked the boxes trophies came in more than the hard-earned and shiny sports trophies themselves. I think I’m just like that!

Bouquet of flowers
Bouquet of flowers

Today my husband brought me some flowers, which made me happy – but I confess that I liked the paper that the flowers were wrapped in an awful lot!

Beautiful wrapping paper
Beautiful wrapping paper made me smile

Soon the weather will be nice enough to sit on the porch and wave at the neighbours, or head to the lake and put our feet in the water.

Feet in the sand
Feet in the sand

Happy spring, and enjoy the small things!

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6 thoughts on “Spring Happiness and Simple Things

  1. I anticipate summer in South Florida for different reasons than you it seems.I wish to escape to some place cooler then. Love the red tulip.

    1. Southern Florida summer seems pretty good to me today as we are having another bitter snowy day today, but I will be looking forward to being somewhere cool as well in the heat of the summer!

  2. I love your post … it’s the simple things in life that makes me smile. Like seeds growing and yes, that lovely wrapping paper of the flowers as well 🌸. Enjoy spring – we’re heading into winter now and I can’t wait for those cold evenings in front of the fireplace (fortunately, our winter is not that long 😉) and before we know it, our spring will be here as well.

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