Early Retirement – One Year In

It’s been just over a year since since my husband joined me in retirement and we relocated. We sold our large country ranch-home, and moved to a smaller town slightly further from the city to a lovely century home which needs a little TLC. Personally, I enjoy gardening, painting and refinishing and have always wanted a “pretty” home. So this move has kept me occupied in the absence of our kids – all at university. We are still located near a major highway and airport, so that our kids can visit and stay with us. That said, I am really enjoying this summer, because 3 of the kids are home with summer jobs.

It has taken my husband some time to find himself in retirement, and it is still an ongoing project. He is regularly walking the dog through the neighbourhood and exercising. He took some time to join me in the home improvement projects and tends to spend a little more money on them than I would like but the results are awesome. I guess we each need to add our own contributions to the projects, and as in our marriage! I will say that he tends to focus on things a little bit too much, and needs to spread his thoughts to a variety of interests. He has done an awesome job of respecting my space and methods of household projects.

Retirement, ironically is a work-in-progress.

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