The Fishing Tackle Box – Retired vs. Not Retired

In the days before my hustband’s retirement, he would stop in to an overpriced outdoors store, look at expensive tackle boxes, and decide he had no time for fishing, and the boxes were overpriced.

Now retired for a year, he really wanted a new tackle box. He got a fancy one that he had coveted for his birthday, but returned it (or had me do it) – it was too expensive and not quite right. He decided he needed a specific box for muskie with larger compartments. He looked at a box at the local outdoors store, – bought some muskie lures. He spent the evening looking at boxes on Amazon. He drove the next day to the touristy outdoor store an hour from us. Bought more muskie lures. The boxes were $8 more than at the local store. Returned home, looked at how to make your own muskie boxes using plastic file boxes and PVC tubes on Youtube. Went to Walmart and Staples to find a suitable box. Returned to local outdoors store, bought the muskie box of his dreams.

I am so much enjoying my husband’s retirement, but he is having a little trouble replacing his once complex and busy days, with smaller less stressful tasks. It’s a work in progress and I always the ride!

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